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Action Score unveils your visitor's behaviour for every view on your website. Discover why your bounce rate is so high.

We track every engagement of your visitors with your website, so you discover all opportunities.
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Dive into bounced traffic
Seeing action score per view gives revolutionary insight into your bounced traffic. Action Score is calculated based on your user behaviour on your website, perfect for SPA and landing pages.
User engagement tracking
With Adslytic you don’t have to wonder if the user was a bot, quit instantly or how much he was doing on your website. Adslytic is tracking visitor actions (both on desktop and mobile devices) to understand your traffic in a much better way.
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Action Score will help you

Action Score is a revolution in understanding your bounced traffic

This is just a beginning, but already the Action Score is changing the world of advertising insight, it is a unique window into your visitor's engagement as you can track how much your visitors were interested for each channel or campaign.
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How Action Score Works

Action Score provides an answer to all those "bounced" visits on your website. User actions are tracked for EVERY visit, even for visits with only 1 view. This means that you are getting access to a completely new level of the analytics, as you'll know if the use was doing anything during his visit.

Adslytic is tracking user actions and then calculating an Action Score for each visit, so you can get a better insight into single view visits for channels, domains or campaigns.
Imagine that with avg. bounce rate anywhere from 30-70% you were getting no information what so ever about those users, now you'll know if the content was engaging if they read it, scrolled, clicked, touched, etc.
This is a wonderful opportunity to identify all those undiscovered opportunities.
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