AdScore™ is AI powered metric that will tell you if campaign is worth of your investment

AdScore is using all available data in order to figure out how well the campaign is doing.
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State of the art technology
Adslytic has developed a new metric score for advertising/analytics industry that will assess each channel and campaign in order to get its real performance against other channels and campaigns. No more guessing. Beat your competition by discovering campaigns with best AdScore to maximize your ROI.
AI powered
Adslytic with its own analytics & tracking technology is generating over 800 data points for each event. To harness all that richness of data, Adslytic has developed globally unique AI technology that as no other out there is able to match its performance. With this custom AI we are able accurately create AdScore and help you maximize your ROI.
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AdScore can help you

See how well the AdScore can identify best opportunities

Your marketing money are not replacable, that is why AdScore will assist you get the best return on investment from each campaign and channel. No more guessing. Revolutionary single metrics that will change the industry is here.
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How AdScore Works

Adslytic is generating huge number of data points for each event in order to get better understanding of your visitors, pages, products, goals, sales and conversions. Each event is passing through number of processing engines in our data centers, and then new type of AI developed by Adslytic, is processing all that date with having a big picture in mind, will generate accurate single metric that will help you identify the best opportunities for ROI.
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