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Stop wasting hours of your time on web analytics setup for your business

Many of you may somehow feel the need to access web analytic services based on the advice of friends, behaviour of business competitors, or simply because everyone is doing it- but in order to truly understand how important it can be in giving you and your business the competitive edge you should first have a basic understanding of web analytics and how it works.

Basically put, web analytics is a system comprising of tools and methods for which collects information on web users or traffic on your website or web platform, analyses the data and generates reports using this information.

Now this may sound a bit confusing as to how your business can benefit from analytic services, but these tools and techniques help you quantify the behaviour of persons accessing your website or social media platforms in order to help you better understand how well your marketing strategies and campaigns are performing. Thus you can optimise your strategies, services and products to get the most out of your time and money and not only can you optimise your business and web marketing but you also get insight into current and future market trends, helping you and your business prepare for a better tomorrow.

Why Adslytic®
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic dashboards
  • Business oriented
  • proprietary technology
  • Complete suite
  • Free trial
  • Cancel at any time
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Web analytics product image 1
Web analytics product image 1
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Why Adslytic®?

As a first company we have focused specifically on needs of small and medium business. Whole platform was designed and developed with SME in mind.

Easy Setup

Quick setup with a lot of automation is a key.

Track each channel

No more complicated and limited setup of channel tracking.

Track each campaign

Unique campaign tracking will help your marketing

Visitors tracking

Track spendings of each user up to 2 years.


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