The next-generation successor of analytics is called Adslytic and is here to help your business.

Adslytic has many proprietary technologies developed by us to help you and your business thrive in this challenging and competitive environment.

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Why Adslytic is a successor of analytics?

Adslytic is using several proprietary technologies developed by us to revolutionize the industry.

Features Google Analytics Adslytic
Artificial Intelligence
Track user actions
Channel's dashboard
Campaign's dashboard
Accurate social media visitors tracking
Easy to use interface
Export to PDF / Excel / CSV
SME oriented
Custom sales tracking *Partial
Custom conversions tracking *Partial (20 max)
Freshness of data Up to 1 day 1s - 10min
Goals Only 20 Up to 10,000
New features Rare updates Every few weeks
GDPR Compliance
EU based data-centers