AdAnalytics ™ is focused on your advertising channels & campaigns analytics.

With AdAnalytics, you will get all the essential data for your business concerning your advertising and how each campaign/channel performs.

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AdAnalytics support any traffic and any channel or a campaign.

With AdAnalytics, you can get analytic for every social media or even an offline campaign. Easy and automated system.

Get all business-oriented metrics.

You can see in easy to understand panel all metrics that you expect to see like, visitors, avg time of session or a view, bounce rate, avg time, and more.

How AdAnalytics works.

After you add your tracking to your website, AdAnalytics will automatically generate analytics per channel or a campaign. Each channel/campaign has its dashboard to access metrics for a specific campaign or a channel quickly.

Supports any traffic source

With AdAnalytics, you can track even traffic from channels that generally are not trackable at our competitor's platforms.

Dashboard for each domain

Auto-generated dashboard for domains.

Dashboard for each channel

Auto-generated dashboard for channels.

Dashboard for each campaign

Auto-generated dashboard for campaigns.

Dashboard for each conversion goal

Auto-generated dashboard for goals.

The most accurate analytics for advertising

With more precise tracking of visitors, your business gets more accurate analytics.

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