AdGoals ™ allows you to create tracking of any goal on your website.

From the sale, registration through price checked, inquiry do downloads, or anything else.

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AdGoals allows measuring valuable actions.

No matter what type of action you want to track, with AdGoals, you can follow its occurrence, value, channel, campaign, or products.

Key to a success.

You have to track all goals that matter to your business to make the right decision about your marketing campaigns. With AdGoals, you know precisely how each channel/campaign is performing, so you can increase your ROI even further.

How AdGoals works.

AdGoals is a crucial part of the Adslytic platform. As an integral part of the whole platform, it will gather the data processed by many AI processing engines to generate AdScore, AdPerformance, or AdInsights. Indeed a key to the success of your business.

Supports any traffic source

With AdAnalytics, you can track even traffic from channels that generally are not trackable at our competitor's platforms.

Track goals for each channel automatically

Tracks goals against any traffic channel.

Track goals for each campaign automatically

No matter how many ad campaigns you have, we track it all.

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