AdSales ™ will help you track sales for each ad.

We track every sale that is coming from your ads. Not only the instant ones but also those after a week or a month.

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Accurate sales for each advertising campaign.

No matter the source, we will track all sales for each channel and campaign.

Identify best campaigns quickly.

AdSales won't only provide you with sales figures but also will help you increase your ROI by quick identification of your best performing campaigns or channels.


Drive traffic from ad campaigns

Visitors from your ads are tracked against the source channels/campaigns.

AdSales track your sales

AdSales processing engine will track all sales and match them to your ad sources

Artificial Intelligence will process the data

AI is trying to see your sales patterns to help identify the best ad channels and campaigns.

Data and metrics are available via the customer panel.

Easy to use customer panel is perfect in the SME environment, as it saves time and effort required to get usable reports that help make the right business decisions.

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