Adslytic ® supports the tracking of visitors from any social media, online, or offline channel.

With proprietary tracking technology, we can track visitors from any source.

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Multi-channel support.

Multi-channel is supported by AdScore, AdPerformance, AdInsights, AdAnalytics, AdGoals, and AdConversions. With accurate data, you can make a much better decision that will improve your ROI and increase your business's competitiveness.

No more unidentified traffic.

With unique tracking technology, your business can track now traffic from any source.

Works with any social media

Tracking your advertising on social media is sometimes very difficult. Adslytic is trying to close the gap.

Works with any online traffic source

You can track the traffic coming from any online source.

Works also with offline traffic sources

Adslytic also supports traffic coming from offline advertising.

All Adslytic features support Multi-channel

All our features support multi-channel tracking fully.

How multi-source tracking works.

You can easily set up tracking traffic coming from any source, no matter if it is an online or offline channel. All Adslytic features are also fully supporting multi-channel tracking.

Track Facebook traffic

Track traffic coming from your Facebook posts, ads, images, and more.

Track Twitter traffic

Twitter traffic tracking supports every possible advert option.

Track any social media traffic

No matter what social media is, you can track the traffic coming from your advertising.

Track Google Ads traffic

Supports traffic from Google Ads and, in the future, will be able to manage your ad campaigns on Google Ads.

Track offline advertising traffic

Even tracking of traffic from your offline advertising is supported.

Track every possibly traffic source

As a matter of fact, we support the tracking of traffic from any traffic channel.

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